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Want to start studying at RMIT in July? Applications are open from 1 May.

  • ✓ Get a head start at an industry-connected university
  • ✓ Benefit from real-world experience while you study
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Learn how to apply, as well as tips on balancing life and study, our guide will tell you what you need to know to make your midyear application.

FAQs for Midyear Applications

Looking for more information about applying at midyear? Our FAQs have quick answers on everything from selection processes to how applying at midyear can get you studying at the speed of change.

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Secure the change you need

Ken Pillai studied design at RMIT before his midyear application for a postgraduate degree in business helped him secure a career change, starting with a consulting role at Accenture.

Course options for all levels of study

Vocational study

Vocational study, sometimes known as TAFE, is a great way to kick start your career. Learn by doing with hands-on training and get job-ready sooner.

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Undergraduate study

RMIT offers a range of bachelor, associate and honours degrees. Browse our undergraduate courses and find the right one for you.

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Postgraduate study

Deepen your knowledge to advance your career with postgraduate courses including honours, graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and masters.

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Free TAFE for priority courses

From January 2019, the State Government will cover the cost of 40 priority courses and 20 pre-apprenticeship courses at TAFE institutes, including universities that offer TAFE courses such as RMIT University.

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Meet our students

There's never been a better time

Tanyya Varshney loves the way her field of study delivers insights into everything from business decision-making to government planning, and knows that the ability to decipher ‘big data’ has given her a huge advantage.

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Looking to upskill for the changing world of work?

Here from Ken about what made him choose to change direction and look into his postgraduate opportunities.

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Make a difference with specialised study

A passion for making a difference and helping others is leading to an exciting career for RMIT student Tamika Cassar. After exploring a number of options, Tamika is now sure she made the right choice.

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By applying for midyear intake at RMIT you’ll gain the head start you need to embrace networking opportunities, develop professional skills and make your future happen.

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